Vetobac is a range of touch surface products that exploit the superior antimicrobial properties of copper and its alloys.

The Vetobac mission is to create national and global awareness of the long term cost advantage of infection control through the use of VETOBAC products as the approved and certified copper touch surface option.

The Vetobac products are being developed in close conjunction with the Copper Development Association who is leading the development of the use of copper alloys in the fight against infection. An in depth understanding of the critical role that copper alloys form in the fight against infection can be found on the CDA website

Vetobac Products are manufactured from copper alloys with no less than 60% copper content. The material has an ongoing and continuous antimicrobial action and is not affected by wet and dry abrasion and re contamination. The antimicrobial efficacy is also not impaired by oxidation of the product.

Vetobac has extensive production and manufacturing capabilities and bespoke copper alloy antimicrobial products can be designed and manufactured to suit most environments and applications.

The Vetobac product range is continually increasing. Please contact us on for further information on the products. Or visit the Brass Age website.

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